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What is Feelm?

Feelm is a learning platform where young people can learn the key skills needed to make engaging and memorable short films. We will teach you the basics of how to write, shoot and edit your own film over the course of a few weeks. You will learn from easy-to-watch online tutorials and then through personalised one-to-one workshops with filmmaking professionals. Then when you’re ready you’ll go out with your group to shoot then edit your short film so it’s ready to be shown to the world.


From the moment you sign up to Feelm, you’ll be registered with your group and mentor and given access to the feelm website where you’ll go on a journey that includes:

  • A learning platform: a wealth of resources as well as the online tutorials that will teach you to become a young filmmaker.
  • Chatrooms: where you can share your most creative ideas as you work with your team towards writing a short film script around the chosen theme.
  • Pitch meetings: Discussions on your script at the end of which we will approve your film idea.
  • One-to-one workshops – This is where you’ll be discussing the details with highly experienced filmmakers who will give you the feedback you need to turn your script into sequences of memorable moving images.
  • Editing advice: As you turn your images into a coherent film, we’ll be there to advise you and troubleshoot any issues so that all the parts of your film fit together perfectly.
  • Exhibition – At the end of the journey, you’ll show your finished short film to the world via the feelm online platform. A moment of great pride and sense of achievement…

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